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The Battle of the Film Schools™

   Lights, camera, action! The reels are set to roll as the next generation of blockbuster directors emerges from across our nation's film schools to compete in Volusia County for a national title UNPRECEDENTED in film school and entertainment industry history. Unbelievably, there has been no national event celebrating the fruits of film education until now.


   The Battle of the Film Schools™ offers a level playing field, whether you are enrolled in one of the big name programs,  the small boutiques, a vocational film tech program or a community college. Whether your parent is a studio exec, a famous Oscar winner or an electrician, batter'up, to where the films ride or die on the director's merit. It's winner take all with a $5K Grand Jury Cash Prize and a one year representation agreement from a major Los Angeles Talent Agency. 

 Crew up for an exhilarating competition of originality and storytelling prowess. The much-anticipated "Battle of the Film Schools," is coming, and it's a spectacle bringing film students from all over the US to Florida. Put on your flip flops for some viewing pleasure - where audiences - the ticket buyers - decide who's who and what's what. And Directors wouldn't have it any other way!


'May the odds be ever in your favor'. And may the best director, win.

Coming Summer 2025 

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